Pizza Hut celebrates world emoji day!

Pizza Hut Restaurants has emoji-fied its menu to honour World Emoji Day this weekend (17th July)*.

For those who don’t know, 📆 is famously displayed in the Apple iOS calendar emoji, making it the perfect date to celebrate World Emoji Day. The menu, which launches in six Huts nationwide, also celebrates the recent release of 72 new emojis, including  and .

This week, customers at the Bullring Hut will be served the limited edition emoji menu. The exclusive menu will only be available to peruse until Sunday 17th, so head on down to check it out before it’s too late.

Customers will be encouraged to try and decode the menu and order in the language of emojis, but if it all gets too emoji-tional there will still be the original menu to revert to.

Pizza Hut Restaurants worked closely with social media expert, Geoff Desreumaux, Founder of WeRSM (We Are Social Media), to design and develop the menu. Can you crack the code?

PHR Birmingham Bullring menu pizza crop

Kath Austin, Director of HR and Marketing at Pizza Hut Restaurants, said:



Emojis have been named the world’s fastest growing language, so what better way to honour World Emoji Day and the recent release of 72 new emojis than by creating our very own emoji-themed menu for customers to decipher and have some fun with. We have a huge focus on menu innovation and having already launched a brand new menu recently, we hope customers enjoy decrypting the emoji version as much as we did creating it!

The emoji menu is the latest addition to Pizza Hut Restaurants’ growing list of food and drink innovations, following the launch of their craft beer-infused pizzas in May earlier this year.

Craft Beer infused pizza
Craft Beer infused pizza

The Bullring Hut has also recently benefitted from Pizza Hut Restaurants’ £60 million regeneration programme across the UK. The redesigned restaurant now provides a more open and inviting dining space and bolder external facades, showcasing the fresh food and vibrant atmosphere. Brand new menu items such as Jalapeno Poppers, Hot Crisps, Frickles and Spicy BBQ ribs have all also been translated into emojis.

To find out more and to see if you can crack the emoji code visit Pizza Hut in the Bullring or visit

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