REVIEW Doctor Strange at Cineworld’s New 4DX Screen

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Cineworld on Broad Street; home to the only 4DX screen in Birmingham, and one of eight in the UK, the setting for a movie experience that was so odd that I couldn’t help but smile in awkward anticipation as my scenes were thrown into the new world of cinematics.

That smile soon disappeared into a hard stare at the screen as the visually stunning Doctor Strange played out its first gripping scenes. Played by Benedict Cumberbatch, Doctor Stephen Strange is a skilled brain surgeon. After being involved in a major car crash, he has to have pins and metal rods inserted into his battered body.

The permanent nerve damage to his hands leaves him in an awful situation, as his livelihood revolves around them. He carries a huge ego and expects to be well enough to be back working on patients pretty much as quickly as he opens his eyes from the operation that saved his life.

As western medicine fails him he travels to Nepal, there he meets the Ancient one who is played by the brilliant Tilda Swinton; who couldn’t be better cast, she oozes mystery and power, everything that a martial arts guru who has the ability to warp reality needs. With the help of the Ancient One Strange quickly becomes a powerful sorcerer ready to take on the bad guys and protect Earth from doom.

The CGI’s are very similar to Inception, but this film is a completely different plot, so if you can get over that, and appreciate the film for what it is, which is an amazing addition to the Marvel Universe, you will thoroughly enjoy everything this film gives you; action, mystery, comedy and the slight unnerving feeling of questioning what reality really is when the lights come back up.

With an action packed engaging plot, great cast, eye-popping visual effects, and not to mention a very pleasing cameo from Stan Lee as always in his Marvel Films this film is a real treat. Watching Doctor Strange was made even better by the fact it was in Cineworld’s brand new 4DX screen; with moving chairs that follow slowly the chaotic movements of the camera panning around the scene, to jolting and vibrating when high action fight scenes are been shown.

That’s not all, nozzles at the back of your head shoot out small jets of air at significant parts of the film, combined with wind turbines, flashing lights, scents, fog generators and water spraying over you to mimic rain and water splashing; don’t worry its more like a few spots of water, instead of a wave of water that drenches you, the 4DX really throws you into the world in which you are sat in front of.

If you’re looking for the ultimate superhero film crammed full of action and hints of comedy then Doctor Strange is perfect. However, if you want to take it up a notch and be immersed in the action and ambiance of the film, the 4DX experience is worth every second.

Words: Kati Boniface

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