Edinburgh Gin elevates dinner at Moor Hall Hotel

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For years, gin has been the de facto pre-dinner drink before you switch to something else. Edinburgh Gin changed our perception of that on Friday, with an evening of creative dinner-and-cocktail pairings.

Dinner was served at the stunning Moor Hall Hotel in Sutton Coldfield, and hosted by Edinburgh Gin‘s distillery manager Finlay Nicol and regional sales manager Claire Sumner-Hughes. The cocktails were prepared by master bartender Robert Wood, and the entire evening was geared towards showcasing the versatility of gin as a cocktail ingredient and something to be savoured.

Each of the five courses was paired with a specially created Edinburgh gin cocktail. The starter was a smoked salmon and trout rillette, served with an “Edinburgh Maid” (Edinburgh Seaside gin, lime, cucumber syrup and mint) which brought fresh flavours to the strong fish dish. This was followed by a palette cleanser of gin and tonic sorbet, topped with elderflower liqueur and nettle espuma.

The main was a rack of lamb, served with a braised lamp faggot with juniper and chorizo jus — these heavy meat flavours were complimented by the accompanying cocktail, the Chateau Smultronställe; a red wine-inspired drink made with no grapes, consisting of Edinburgh Cannonball gin, plum and vanilla liqueur, Dubonnet, cassis, tannin, and oak. The result was a rich, fruity concoction similar to port.

Dessert was a delicious, warming plum and ginger pudding with cinnamon custard, paired with a Rhubarb Reviver; a spicy yet sweet combination of Edinburgh Gin, rhubarb and ginger liqueur, Lillet Rose vermouth, fresh lemon and rhubarb cordial. And dinner was rounded out by Staffordshire cheddar, cardamom bread and juniper chutney, coupled with a refreshing frozen raspberry liqueur.

Following July’s “Gin Lab” at The Jekyll & Hyde, this event was another roaring success for the Edinburgh Gin brand, demonstrating how there is so much more to gin than the classic G&T.

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