REVIEW Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone™ in Concert, Barclaycard Arena

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When J.K. Rowling released her first book, Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone™, never did she dream that one day it would be touring around the world accompanied by a live orchestra.

Last night, Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone in Concert™ cast its spell over a sold-out audience with a spectacular addition, a live orchestra at Barclaycard Arena.

Twenty-one years after the movie was released with John Williams’ unforgettable score, the iconic melodies still continue to enchant Harry Potter fans and suck them back into Harry’s spectacular world full of magic, mystery, friendship and adventure.

The movie was displayed on a 40-foot screen which sat above the orchestra, who performed Williams’ score note-by-note to create an immersive experience that fans of the franchise have never been able to experience before.

The audience, many of whom were dressed in the iconic house colours, were encouraged to get involved in every element of the production, which led to them cheering for their favourite characters, booing and the enemies and even offering screams of encouragement in the moment where Harry catches his very first golden snitch during the Quidditch scene.

The show, which kicked off its tour of the UK in London’s Royal Albert Hall last week, is an incredible thing to be admired in every aspect. You hear the music like never before; hear every string, note and even an charming violin that’s struck when Harry, Ron and Hermione go on their quest to stop Voldemort succeeding in stealing the Philosopher’s Stone.

Magical, heart-warming, unmissable and everything in-between, Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone in Concert™ was a beautiful site to behold, and I for one can’t wait for CineConcerts to return with the second movie at Genting Arena this December.

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Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets in Concert heads to Genting Arena on December 10!
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