REVIEW Jack Whitehall, Genting Arena

“The horse has done a s**t on the stage! Quick, someone, hand me a Wet Wipe!”

Yep, this is exactly what went down four minutes after Jack Whitehall ‘attempted’ to elegantly ride on a glorious white horse to welcome the audience to his first show in Birmingham – it pooped on the stage.

Well, if there’s ever a way to make an entrance and win over your audience before you’ve even properly started your set then this is it. We’d all been pre-warned by Jack that “S**t was about to go down” and that “nothing could prepare us for what lay ahead.”

Clearly, Jack himself didn’t know what the night had in store for him when he found himself on his hands and knees cleaning up a rather large amount of horse poo off the stage with a clear bag and shovel before offering it up to the audience as fertiliser. “I’m sorry, but I’m going to be performing the show from the opposite side of the stage because it stinks of horse s**t over there.”

Horse poo shovelling aside, Jack was welcomed back to the city with open arms, and three packs of Wet Wipes that were thrown at him like the comedic equivalent of roses to a ballet dancer.

The 28-year-old is in the midst of working his way across the country as part of his latest tour Jack Whitehall: At Large, and while the world may be in a slightly drastic state currently, being sucked into the life of the poshest man in comedy seemed to make everything that little bit better.

Jack Whitehall is the comedian who is happy to admit that he’s a ‘complete manchild’ who isn’t showing any signs of embracing his adult life, from playing a game of ‘Would You Rather’ at a wedding with a 13-year-old to having a good old rant about people pushing in queues for rides at Disneyland.

It’s been a few year’s since Jack’s been on tour; with commitments to Sky 1’s sporting panel show A League of Their Own and the release of his 2015 movie The Bad Eduction Movie, he’s got a lot of tales to tell.

Explaining the awkwardness that came whilst leading the bow to the Royal Family at last year’s Royal Variety Show, his mate ‘Dave’ having a bit of banter with Prince Harry, and the woes of contending with Robert Pattinson since his boarding school days to breaking the world of Hollywood; not forgetting the heartbreak that came after having his speaking part as Gothi the Troll being cut out of Disney’s Frozen.

Of course, a show from Jack wouldn’t be complete without him taking the mic out of his poshness, leading to tales of shopping in Waitrose and a stag do trip to Amsterdam with his ‘chums’ which ended in a hilarious story involving him, some ‘weedy puff’ and the Google Street View car driving past at the most perfect time.

It’s anecdotes like this combined with Jack’s slightly disturbing passport photo, his fear of flying and stealing dressing gowns from hotels that makes him one of the most loved comedians in the country. The crowd couldn’t get enough of the posh lad from Primrose Hill with buckets of talent.

Jack’s back at Barclaycard Arena at the end of the month, and if you’re a fan of his, you’d be a fool to miss this incredible show!




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