REVIEW MK ULTRA, Rosie Kay Dance Company, Birmingham Repertory Theatre

“This is fake theatre,” is the first thing you see when a giant triangle lights up the stage for Rosie Kay’s latest production, MK ULTRA.

Kay is delving into the incredibly controversial topic of the Illuminati and in current circumstances that are surrounding us in the world of politics, her choice of subject for her latest production couldn’t come at a better time as every day we’re having the words ‘fake news’ blasted into our heads.

MK Ultra is stirking, stunning, evocative and most importantly an real eye-opener into The Illuminati, an elite organisation that is said to involve mainstream pop artists including Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Britney Spears and even Walt Disney, who both feature heavily in Kay’s sleek and stylish modern dance show.

For those of you who are unaware of The Illuminati, it’s a group that’s made up of not only celebrity singers, but world leaders, actors and the alike that are all brainwashing the planet – what’s real, what’s not real? Can we be sure any more in this day and age?

MK Ultra pulls in not only the history of the cult group, but short interviews of local Brummies being asked about their thoughts and opinions of the Illuminati and its power, which are projected onto a giant triangle – the iconic symbol of the Illuminati.

Kay has been incredibly clever in the thought process behind MK Ultra; the production grabs your attention not only through the incredible dance being told through Kay’s dance company, who pull off the most intricate and challenging moves that make this show a true triumph alongside the visuals being shown behind them, snippets of Disney films, and Britney Spears’ Hit Me Baby, One More Time.

A combination of incredible costumes and set all designed by Gary Card – who created the impressive head dresses for Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour – clips of pop culture allows the audience to dive into the world of the Illuminati like never before.

MK Ultra is a production that needs to be seen. Skilful, intriguing and simply sensational that has you questioning your beliefs even after you’ve left the theatre.

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