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It’s been eight years since Olly Murs stole the hearts of the nation when auditioned for the X Factor.

Ever since then the only way has been up for the cheeky Essexman who took to the stage of Genting Arena last night for his second date in the city.

Olly Murs is a born entertainer, it can’t be ignored, and with five incredibly successful albums under his belt, he has a rather spectacular calibre of songs to his name that have scored him numerous top spots on the UK Official Charts.

Murs and his band ooze energy; the guy rockets around the stage like no tomorrow, making cheeky jokes about his life as a single man and apologising to the people at the front of the stage for having to look at his peachy bum for most of the show – not that they really minded.

He knows exactly how to work a crowd, how to get everyone off their seats and dancing the night away with him.

Ever the gentlemen, Olly took time to thank the crowd for their support over the last eight years, the genuine emotion that shone through whilst he performed the track Flaws was enough to stir the hearts of even the dragged-along husbands and partners in the crowd.

Watching Olly Murs performing isn’t just watching him sing, it’s everything else that comes along with it; his incredible live band – singers, pianists, drummers, and brass section – it’s the amazing stage production, and most importantly it’s Olly.

His personality is infectious, he’s the type of guy who will treat his hour and a half long performance as time to chat to his crowd, ask them how they’re doing, and, as was the case last night, tell us all that we were going to be a part of Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Take Away along with Take That!

Alongside tracks from his latest album 24 hours, Olly opened up with songs You Don’t Know Love before heading straight into toe-tapping Wrapped Up. The blend of current songs with classics Dear Darlin, Troublemaker and Dance with Me Tonight – there was even a bit of Tina Turner thrown in for good measure – had the Genting Arena partying away and starting off the weekend with a bang.

Cheeky, loveable, talented, grateful and grounded, Olly Murs is a true reflection of someone who doesn’t take his rise to success in the industry for granted, and I for one can’t wait to welcome him back to a stage in the city.

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