Sack off Monopoly, here are the games you need to play this Christmas

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Forget Cards Against Humanity and Pie Face, these board games are sure to cause a laugh at the dinner table!


Very British Problems | £18 | Family Friendly!

Just how awkwardly British are you? After debuting as a rather hilarious Twitter account this game is designed to test your most socially awkward moments in a typical Brit fashion. From finding out who would put their headphones and pretend to be asleep to stop a random stranger talking to them on a long haul flight to who would head off to find a chair after finding a stranger sat in their’s – welcome to Very British Problems the board game. Get it here!

What do you MEME? | £21.99 | Adults Only!

Let’s be honest, everyone loves a meme and there have been some golden ones this year. One of our top picks, this card game allows you and your fellow players the chance to create your very own. The rules are simple; during each round, a rotating judge plays a photo card and everyone plays a caption card to complete the meme. The judge will then decide which player has created the funniest meme when paired with a caption card to win the round. It’s a simple as that. Buy it here!

Disturbed Friends | £25 | Suitable for age 18 and over!

A card game that’s definitely not for children – or anyone under 18 for that matter – Disturbed Friends will discover just how disturbed you, your friends and family (if you’re brave enough to play it with them) are. Packed with horrible situations that none of you will be prepared for, one player picks up a multiple choice question card and reads it out the other players, who then vote on what answer they think the person reading the question would choose. Disturbed Friends is certainly not for the innocent or fainthearted but is sure to cause some serious laughter at the table. Grab it here!

Eyetoons | £29 | Family Friendly!

Put your musical knowledge to the test with this easy to play and slightly addictive game. Team up as you go head-to-head facing musical challenges. Can you identify an artist and song just by looking at a cartoon? Can you hum a ‘toon’ or sketch it out clear enough for your teammate to guess it? With simple rules and more than 1000 challenges, Eyetoons is super fun for all the family. Buy it here!

Billionaire Banshee | £21.99 | Amazon | Suitable for age 18 and over!

Tinder is so 2016, Billionaire Banshee is the new dating game you should really get your hands on for Christmas. This NSFW card game may not be anything like the 90s classic Dream Phone, but we can guarantee it’ll cause some serious laughter at the table. Here’s the situation; you’re asked out by someone who’s been on your radar for a while, which is great news, until you find out there’s something not so normal about them – let’s say for example that they’re smokin’ hot, but have translucent skin. Only you can make the decision whether to date or ditch them, but can your fellow players guess what choice you will make? Buy it here!


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