INTERVIEW: The Script talk ahead of their Birmingham gig

Ahead of their show at O2 Academy later this month, I caught up with The Script’s Glen Power to talk all about their return to life on the road.

Nine year’s ago Irish trio The Script released their debut self-titled album that was the birth of tracks The Man Who Can’t Be Moved and Breakeven. Now, following a two-year hiatus and the release of their latest single Rain, Danny, Mark and Glen are preparing to hit the road for a string of dates across the UK, which brings them back to the O2 Academy in just over two weeks time.

We’re so excited to get out and play a show,” Glen says, excitement running through his voice. “It feels like forever since we’ve been up on stage, we haven’t played in more than two years. We were gigging for a straight eight or nine years, so it’s been a long break for us.

It’s so great to see that people are happy to see us again,” he continues. “We were a bit worried that we’d left it too long and found ourselves thinking ‘are people going to actually care that we’re back?'”

As it turns out their fans couldn’t be happier to see The Script return and that comes as no surprise. After the release of their debut self-titled album in 2008, they’ve gone on to become one of the most successful bands in the UK with five world tours, 29 million record sales and three multi-platinum albums under their belt. They’ve had no trouble in selling out arenas across the world on their past gigs, having numerous dates at Genting Arena so, why the decision to take their first tour in two years to smaller venues?

We missed playing smaller places; the feeling and atmosphere,” Glen explains. “Smaller venues mean a lot to us, we played them for a long time and we wanted to give ourselves the chance to get back into the feeling of playing gigs again.”

However, by deciding to play smaller venues, getting tickets to The Script’s latest tour proved to be quite the challenge for their fans, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plans in the works for a bigger tour in the future.

This tour is going to be particularly exciting for us, the atmosphere’s just going to be electric.

Once you start the motor you can’t slow it down, you’ve got to go all the way to fifth gear,” Glen beams. “This tour is just to get ourselves back into gig mode, once we’re fully into it we can really begin to focus. At the moment this is just us coming back and saying ‘here we are, we can still do this, let’s have some fun!”

A chance for fans to get up close and personal with the band, The Script will kick off the tour in their hometown of Dublin before heading to the O2 Academy for their sold out gig on Thursday, August 24.

No strangers to gigging in the Midlands, with regular slots at Staffordshire’s V Festival, a rather memorable show at Genting Arena on St Patrick’s Day back in 2011 and their last date at the same venue in 2015, it came as no surprise that their gig at O2 Academy quickly sold out.

Are they looking forward to heading back to the city? Of course! “We cannot wait for Birmingham,” Glen says with excitement. “I gave up drinking six years ago and one of the reasons why was during a big show in Birmingham, I nearly passed out and that kind of woke me up,” Glen tells me. “The city holds a very special place in my heart, it was the time where a switch went in my head and I told myself I needed to stop what I was doing. Every time I play Birmingham I always remember it as the city where I pulled myself together.” 

They may have been pretty silent during their hiatus with Danny undergoing vocal surgery last year following a rigorous touring schedule, but Glen tells me that they’re more eager than ever to get back on the road.

“This tour is going to be particularly exciting for us, the atmosphere’s just going to be electric,” Glen adds. “We’re just happy to be getting back into work mode because I think it helps us as humans, we feel like nicer people to be around when we’re doing that part of our lives.”

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