Grand Central’s Guide to Secret Santa Shopping

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So you’ve found all the perfect gifts for your family, you’ve brought all the food and snacks for the festive feast, and finally, you’ve planned your Christmas outfit.

You have everything sorted and you can finally relax until the thought suddenly dawns that you have to buy a Secret Santa gift for your colleague.

Although time is running out, there’s no need to panic and resort to telling your colleague you forgot, Grand Central Birmingham has you covered. With a variety of some of the best luxury fashion stores, beauty brands and more, you really are in the best hands.

Whether you’re buying for the office Scrooge, your happy-go-lucky desk buddy, or, your boss at Grand Central Birmingham, you are sure to find the best gift for anyone, making you the champion Secret Santa gift buyer.

Now we all know that when it comes to the workplace there are clear office stereotypes and not everyone is easy to buy for. But fear not, we’ve rounded up a list of gifts that a perfect for every office personality, all available at Grand Central Birmingham.

The Office Techie

Foyles suggest delving a little deeper for the office techie, by discovering Douglas Coupland’s observations of the world in his book Bit Rot. Described as a gem of the digital age, every page is full of wit, surprise and delight.


Bit Rot, Douglas Coupland, £20, Foyles

The Gossip

We all love a gossip every now and then, but sometimes you need a bit of peace and quiet so you can just crack on with your work and be done with the day. Gob Stoppers has all the tasty treats you need to keep the gossiper busy. Gift wrapped in a basket with the Gobstoppers ribbon and Chatterbox Logo, you’re sure to satisfy your co-worker’s sweet tooth; they’ll be thinking you’ve given them something sweet and tasty when really, you just want five minutes of peace.


The Chatterbox Giftset, £9.99, Gobstoppers

The Caffeine Addict 

We all have that one co-worker who can’t make it through the day without consuming bucketloads of coffee. They simply can’t function if their cup isn’t filled with a generous amount of a rich blend coffee. They can walk into the office looking like they’ve had about two hours sleep, but after two sips of coffee, it’s like they’ve got enough energy to power the entire office.

Make their Christmas merry and bright by heading to Whittard’s and picking up some Hazelnut ground coffee. If you weren’t already a hit with your coffee loving co-worker before, you’re about to join the top ranks. There are also beautifully wrapped baubles holding coffee, hot chocolate and mulled wine are available to mix with a mug of hot water. It’s the perfect gift this Christmas. 

Hazelnut flavoured ground coffee, £6, Whittard

The Hoarder 

Every office has a hoarder; they still insist on keeping an answerphone message from two months ago, just in case they need it for some unknown reason. Their desk probably looks similar to a bomb site and is enough to send the ‘neat and tidy’ co-worker into meltdown. This colleague desperately needs your help. Gift them with an organiser, that way they can at least shove all their unnecessary clutter into draws rather than having a desk that looks more like a bomb site than a place to work.


Drawers 6 Piece, £4.00, Tiger

The Hothead

If this person has a problem then everyone knows about it. These hothead types loose it at the smallest thing; if their computer unexpectedly crashes you’ll expect to see a desktop computer flying across the room (including the mouse). Calm them down with a soothing Yankee Candle from Love Aroma. With hints of warm pear and orange alongside tropical flowers and soft musk, My Serenity is the perfect gift to keep your heated co-worker calm and relaxed.


My Serenity Yankee Candle, £8.99, Love Aroma

The Office Angel 

No office is complete without the co-worker who is super organised and has everything covered. They’re always on top of work and get things done without any problem. Although this person may annoy you with their Monday perkiness and impeccable organisation skills, they really deserve a treat. Plus, you’ll want them on your good side just in case you ever mess up.

Spoil them rotten with a L’Occitane bauble gift set. This stylish Christmas bauble includes soap, hand cream and body lotion, what’s more, they come packaged in a beautiful festive bauble to hang on their tree out of the way!


Shea Butter Festive Bauble, £10, L’Occitane

The Feeder

Give the office feeder something new to create this Christmas. Omar Abilhoy’s book includes the best recipes for all sorts of occasions, quick mid-week suppers, easy weekend lunches, evening gatherings and of course some signature tapas.  

Spanish Made Simple - High Res

Spanish Made Simple, £20, Tapas Revolution

The Makeup Queen

You can never go wrong with a bit of glam in the office, and Urban Decay has got the perfect gift to suit your budget for the make-up queen. The Makeup Lockdown Duo is a travel-size set with eyeshadow Primer Potion and all-nighter Makeup Setting Spray. This duo guarantees makeup that will last throughout the day.


Makeup Lockdown Duo, £13.50, Urban Decay at John Lewis 

Grand Central Birmingham’s late-night Christmas shopping starts on Monday 28th November, 9am to 10pm on weeknights, 9am to 8pm on Saturdays, 11am – 5pm on Sundays.

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