A singleton’s guide to valentine’s day

The Christmas period is all over now which mean’s it’s almost that time of year for social media to be showered with ‘hashtag the boy done good’ or ‘hashtag so lucky’ posts, complimented with a picture of romantic gifts and loved up selfies.

Valentine’s Day – the time of year where couples come together to celebrate their love for one another. Which is also the time of year for the single pringles to get pushed aside for the day – that’s right February 14 is just around the corner.

But don’t worry all you single ladies and gents we understand that being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t a walk in the park, that’s why we’ve created the singleton’s ultimate survival guide to help you get through the dreaded day.

1. Treat yourself, you deserve it!

There’s nothing like a bit of retail therapy to lighten the mood. It could be anything from a cheeky take-away to some new shoes, anything that will make you feel any better buy it! After all you don’t have to spend money on your other half so what’s stopping you from spending it on yourself?

2. Curious Cupid

Don’t want to be left out by not receiving a gift? Why not play a ‘Secret Santa’ style game with your fellow single friends, ‘Curious Cupid’. Put all of your names into a hat and each pick a person to buy a Valentine’s gift for, this way everyone’s a winner! Be as cringe or as crude as you wish, the funnier the better to cheer you up.

3. Have a night on the tiles

Whether it’s just going for a few classic cocktails or a night on Broad Street there is no better way to forget about being single than having a drink and dancing the night away with your friends! Glam yourself up and put on your best outfit and have a really good time, you’ll forget its Valentine’s Day in no time. Who knows you might even get lucky a meet fellow single’s doing the same thing while you’re out.

4.  Movie night

Whether you take a trip to the cinema to watch the latest film or just have a night on the sofa with a bunch of your favourite DVD’s, losing yourself in a good film will help take your mind of things. Try and avoid any films directed by Richard Curtis or any romantic films in general as this will only make you feel even worse.

5. Break a sweat

What better day to start using the gym membership you promised yourself you would use in the new year than Valentine’s Day. If you have a recent ex then thinking of them will be inevitable so you need to keep yourself busy. It will be emptier than usual and if your Valentine’s hate is getting you down use the punch bag to release all your anger.

6. Avoid restaurants like the plague

Going for a meal is simply out of the question on this day, if you want to grab something quick to eat visit a fast-food restaurant or get an online delivery. Restaurants across the city will be packed full of love-birds enjoying candle-lit dinners, so these are definite ‘no go’ areas for single’s.

7. Relax, unwind & chill

Don’t be sad as you look at all the happy couples. Take this time to really appreciate your freedom and being single. Relaxation time is so important, as it’s so easy to get put down with mundane day-to-day life. So spend the spare time you have doing whatever it is that puts your mind at ease. Catch up on TV shows you’ve missed or grab some bubbles and take a bath.

Remember Valentine’s Day is just like any other day in the calendar, so don’t work yourself up over not being loved-up. Just think Pancake Day is only a few weeks away and you won’t have to worry about this day for another year! Unless of course,you’re no longer flying solo by then…

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