T2 has launched in Bullring!

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Tea lovers are in for a treat as the Bullring has welcomed its latest store T2, a loose leaf tea specialist shop.

Following its opening last week, we took a trip to T2 to take a look around the new addition and try out some of the delicious teas on offer.

Located on the upper level of the west side of the Bullring T2 is an absolute heaven for those who love a good brew, and with more than 200 teas to try in-store from herbal to black and white, there’s something to suit every tea drinker out there.

The arrival of T2 to the Bullring is super exciting for many reasons, but the most important factor that the store is the first flagship to open in the West Midlands area. With 15 stores nationwide the Australian brand’s extension to the UK has allowed it to make its way into the hearts of Britsh tea lovers in London, Cheltenham and now Birmingham.

The brand, which was established in 1996 prides itself in doing things a little differently. The new store is kitted out with a smelling table that’s designed to evoke new smells and show people that there’s more to tea than just English Breakfast and Earl Grey.

Alongside the smelling table comes a station where the staff are on hand preparing samples of the 200+ teas that are on offer at the store. Whilst taking part in our tea-masterclass, we’re treated to a Banana Tea, Strawberries and Cream tea and the traditional Macha tea – who knew tea could be so diverse?

The great thing about T2 is the experience you get whilst you’re there. Tasting, smelling and blending the exotic flavours is highly encouraged, and the staff pride themselves in representing the brand to the highest standards.When we ask them what it’s like to work for T2 they simply reply with “it’s the best job ever.”

They want to give people an education into the world of tea; for example, until we went along to our masterclass little did we know that we’d be brewing our green tea wrong our whole lives, nor did we know that T2 creates each of its blends by using one type of leaf.

As well as the incredible varieties of tea stacked from floor to ceiling, T2 also stocks a great range of tea accessories, from tea sets to brewing tools – we’re big fans of its Teamaker which is a nifty little gadget for getting the most out of your loose leaves.

So, whether you’re a tea novice or connoisseur the team at T2 are ready and waiting to help you discover your favourite blend and take you on a tea journey like no other.




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