These simple steps will ensure you get the best night’s sleep

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Getting a good night’s sleep during the summer months can feel like a bit of a myth. From pillow sprays to mindfulness apps, we’re here to help you get the beauty sleep you deserve.

Keep your space tidy

It goes without saying that a clutter-free environment will positively impact upon your mindset. The smallest tidying processes can make a huge difference to the way you sleep, and taking the time to re-order your room could result in a much-better snooze. 

Owner of The Huffington Post and author of Sleep Revolution, Arianna Huffington recently said that “the clutter in our physical space creates stress with visual cues that can keep the mind occupied by reminding us about what’s incomplete”, and by removing unwanted unwanted items, you’re eradicating these ‘visual cues’. If you’re in need of a little nudge, read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo to combat mess and, in time, change your lifestyle, 

Download a sleep app

It’s commonly advised that phones should be avoided in the hour leading up to your bedtime, but there’s a small exception to the rule – sleep apps. Whether it’s relaxing music you’re after or a story before bed, Calm is used by millions to help you wind down, whilst Headspace focuses on the power of meditation in accessible sessions. If you’re trying to track the cause of your sleeping issues, try Sleep Better, where you can moniter your sleep patterns and activity throughout the night. 

Stick to an evening routine

One of the easiest, and most affordable, tips on the list is to simply go to bed at the same time every night where possible. Over time, your body will begin to gradually wind down naturally, allowing you to settle easier. To help you along the way, the Bedtime feature on iPhone will give you daily reminders just before it’s time to sleep.

Try a pillow spray 

Proven to aid sleep, reduce sleep anxiety and keep you settled throughout the night, the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray by ThisWorks is a cult favourite, with the brand stating that 97% of customers agreed they slept significantly better when using it. Made with a natural blend of lavendar and chamomile, simply spritz on your pillow before you rest your head and fall into a deep snooze.

Invest in an eye mask 

If you’re getting woken up daily by too much light entering your room, avoid spending a fortune changing your curtains or blinds and instead invest in an eye mask, which could transform your sleeping pattern. For ultimate luxury, this Pure Silk Sleep Mask is available online at Cult Beauty and will quickly become your new best friend.

Apply a ‘sleep perfume’

Made with a blend of 13 essential oils, the Elemis Sleep Perfume is a small but effective step to ease you into night mode. Take a few seconds of your evening to apply on pressure points of body and to maximise relaxation, take a few deep breaths whilst inhaling the aroma.

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