Tired? Us, too – here’s how to get a better night’s sleep

Sleep – it never feels like we get enough, and the little we do get can be ruined by stress and late nights.

According to The Great British Bedtime Report, nearly half of us lose shut-eye because we don’t switch off properly after the day and spend too much time on social media at night. 

Sleep specialist Dr Timothy I. Morgenthaler says we need to prioritise rest, ‘getting good quality sleep improves physical and emotional health, cutting your risk of obesity, depression, and skin ageing. Look better, feel better, be better.’

Chief de-stressing officer from The Stress Management Society, Neil Shah, shares these top tips:

  1. Ban ALL electronics – even TV – from the bedroom. Blue light from screens interferes with your body’s natural electrical flow even when they are switched off, so leave your phone elsewhere.
  2. Don’t work out before bed as it raises both your heart rate and your core body temperature.
  3. Let go of tension. Take a deep breath, lift your shoulders towards your ears and hold them raised for a few seconds. Breathe out slowly and drop the shoulders down. Repeat this several times.

Ready for a peaceful night? These treats will also work like magic.

The beauty bundle

This Elemis Life Elixirs Sleep Candle, £36, Harvey Nichols has a blend of 12 dreamy aromatic oils to ease you in to an evening of calm. Skin repairs at night so grab the chance to detox from the day with the Sisley Botanical D-Tox, £158, which guarantees you’ll wake up looking refreshed, or you can feed your skin with Vitamin B5 as you sleep with Heaven Skincare Prism Overnight Success Oxygen Cream, £91, Harvey Nichols.

The sleep saviours

First things first, spritz a little Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender & Espresso Calming Linen Mist, £12, on your bed linen before turning out the light. Great sleep starts with comfort, and we love these Cyberjammies Chloe pyjamas, £49, with a Slip Silk Pillowcase, £79, Harvey Nichols to combat bedhead and weird creases in your face next morning. And, if you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift for the insomniac in your life, look no further than This Works, The Big Sleep, £72.50, Harvey Nichols.

The natural wonders

All-natural Rescue Night Dropper, £8.49, and Spray, £10.99, Boots and Holland & Barrett, are like a comforting hug, whilst the chamomile and lavender in Sleep it Off Teabags, £7.95, Harvey Nichols, will help you drift off with ease. You can also fill your bathroom with the delicate scent of Spanish organic lavender for bedtime bathing, our favourite is the Natural Castile Soap with Lavender Essential Oil, £8, The Castilian Soap Company, www.lovelula.com.

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