Top 10 Accessories For A Perfect Picnic

Summer is finally here and what better way to soak up the sun than having a good old picnic. Get outside and do it right by creating the perfect picnic with some inspiration from these unique accessories.


1. The Fowndry BBQ Toolbox: £69.99, Root7


BBQ anywhere, anytime. Be spontaneous with this portable tool box that unfolds into a handy BBQ, that grabs attention and looks the part.

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2. Besiter Eclipse Power Bank: £9.99 Kavson

Besiter Eclipse from Kavson: £9.99

Never be without your phone this summer with this pocket sized charger pack, which will allow you to charge your phone 5 times over, ensuring that you can listen to your favourite songs and capture perfect summer moments all day long. For when the sun sets, it also comes with a cool LED torch.

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3. Lagu sand repellent blanket: £29.99 The Fowndry

Lagu sand repellent blanket from The Fowndry: £29.99

Keep the sand under your feet and out of your pants with Lagu Sand Repellent Beach Blankets. We are loving this innovative eco blanket which will dry your beach bod in seconds, the sand-resistant material makes sure you leave all the grainy stuff where you found it.

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4. Canteen: £17.99 Root7

Canteen from Root7: £17.99

Keep your drink ice cold for 25 hours, wine, fizz or juice, whatever you need to keep you cool on a hot day.

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5. Aiptek i70 Mobile Cinema: £237 Amazon

 Aiptek i70 Mobile Cinema from Amazon: £237

This cool and compact gadget will cast an 80” screen from your phone as the evening sets, sit back and watch a movie as the stars come out.

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6. Le Big Sac: £44.99 The Fowndry

Le Big Sac from The Fowndry: £44.99

Le Big Sac inflatable lounger is the ultimate instant sofa, made from high quality rip stop nylon and small enough to fit in your backpack to take on the go.

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7. Citrus Zinger Gift Pack: £19.99 Root7

Citrus Zinger Gift Pack from Root7: £19.99

This set includes a classic citrus press, slicer and kiwi reamer attachments, so you have versatility to make a flavour combination of your choice! Perfect for a refreshing twist.

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8. BubbleLick: £12.99 The Fowndry

BubbleLick from The Foundry: £12.99

BubbleLick brings out the inner child in anyone with edible bubbles you can lick right out of the air. Just mix in your favourite alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink, and blow.

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9. Corkcicle Tumbler £19.99 Root7


Use in the morning for your tea/coffee and the evening for your favourite cocktail. This triple insulated cup built with shatterproof plastic will allow your drinks to stay hot for three hours and cold for 9+ hours.

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10.   Matador Pocket Blanket £21.99 The Fowndry


The Matador Pocket Blanket is a tough, lightweight picnic/beach blanket. Able to accommodate up to four people, it also fold small enough to fit in your pocket.

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