VIDEO: Take a look inside Birmingham’s brand new industrial club space!

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Birmingham’s night scene is about to get a lot more exciting as The Rainbow Venues has just announced its brand new venue.

Opening this autumn, CRANE will be a venue like no other hosting everything from star-studded events to art exhibitions, markets, product launches, delicious street food shows, theatre performances and much more.

CRANE boasts urban aesthetics alongside multiple spaces – each providing their own unique atmosphere. The ground floor features an overhanging mezzanine, and underneath cellar, while adjoining rooms including a mid-sized hangar-like terrace filled with plush seating under subtle lights with a view overlooking the canal.

CRANE will open with a launch party on 29 September, featuring VIVa boss Steve Lawler, Richy Ahmed, Kölsch, Cristoph and Roth$tein playing in the CRANE main room, then the likes of Pawsa and Pax playing in the Cellar and Paradox City and others in the Hangar.

On Friday October 13, the popular Bongo’s Bingo will debut at the venue, where players can win an array of bonkers prizes ranging from a box of Coco Pops to a Henry Hoover and cash! Not to mention there are also raves during intervals and plenty of heckling! You can get tickets for Bongo’s Bingo here!

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