The Modern Man

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Change is in the air. As we wave goodbye to the dapper gent, James Tissiman explores a brave new direction for menswear. Get ready for a serious shake-up

Back in 2013, the dapper gent came to the forefront of men’s fashion. Blokes who hadn’t even entertained the thought of growing a tash put down their razors, and by the time 5 o’clock shadow had appeared, they were online ordering beard oil and combs. It was the trend for the man who wanted to add a splash of colour via a pocket square or a flashy sock while proving that he was still a man’s man.Now, after a years of advertisers exhausting the moustache emblem, we’re finally noticing a slight shift towards a trend that is, shall we say, rather unexplored by the mainstream. One that won’t be so easy to adapt to, but one that is sure to give menswear the good kick up the arse it’s been waiting for. Androgyny.

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