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‘1000 Threads’

Birmingham’s Creative Brilliance Takes Centre Stage




‘1000 Threads’: Birmingham’s Creative Brilliance Takes Centre Stage

Birmingham's vibrant creative scene is set to come alive in spectacular fashion later this month…
Culture & Entertainment

Father’s Day Experiences For Your Own Daddy Cool

Forget the socks and hankies, this Father’s Day treat the main man in your life…
Food & Drink

Indulge in a Culinary Celebration This Father’s Day at Tattu

June is a time to honour paternal love and the remarkable men who fill our…

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Culture & Entertainment

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The Wizard of Oz encapsulates you with a dynamic set design, that is both imaginative…
Home & Interiors

Bring Regency Core Elegance Into Your Home

From sumptuous fabrics that whisper of forbidden ballroom encounters to ornate furnishings that echo the…

Introducing Clements and Church SS24 Collection

Clements and Church steps onto the stage with its SS24 Collection, showcasing a harmonious blend…

STYLE for your home.

At STYLE, we’ve always had a softly-furnished spot for interiors. 2023 gave many the opportunity to focus on their living spaces and how they reflect the people that use them.

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