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 With guests from across the fashion industry and music from local DJ’s,  ‘Brum, Brands, Beer’ connects with and provides insight into the journeys of Birmingham men in the fashion industry. This FREE EVENT is taking place on the evening of Thursday 18th March and brought to you by B5 Events, a Birmingham City University organisation.

Showcasing the personal experiences of individuals within the fashion industry and with guests including Bene Culture, Sheanies Vintage and Style Birmingham the evening will bring you the best of Birmingham fashion, digitally and right to the comfort of your own home.

Guests will be discussing what inspired them to get into fashion, how they got to where they are today and how they overcame any obstacles and challenges. Each guest will also be answering questions from the audience – questions will be preloaded and everyone has the option to ask a question to a guest of their choice when they REGISTER.

Bene Culture

So if you have a passion for, and interest in the fashion industry – whether that’s working in the industry, taking an interest in fashion itself or are just intrigued as to how aspects of the industry work, there is something here for everyone.

This is an online event and free to attend for everyone: to register CLICK HERE.

Founded by 5 students studying at Birmingham City university, B5 Events aim to organise events for the fashion industry. The first event is focused on men’s fashion in Birmingham and in the future, we aim to explore further into different subjects and facets of the industry.

For more information about the event visit:

Facebook: B5 Events

Instagram: B5_events

Or contact:

Email: b5.events21@gmail.com