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A full decade since Edward Scissorhands last graced the UK stage, the beloved production returns to captivate Birmingham audiences once again.

As Matthew Bourne’s magical dance interpretation delves deeper into the narrative, the choreography expertly captures the essence of Tim Burton’s cinematic masterpiece. Each movement seems to echo the haunting beauty and poignant loneliness of Edward’s existence. The dancers embody their characters with grace and emotion, effectively conveying the complex relationships and themes present in the story.

One of the standout elements of the production is its stunning visual design. The set transports the audience into Edward’s surreal world, with its gothic architecture and fantastical landscapes. The use of lighting enhances the mood, shifting seamlessly between moments of darkness and light, mirroring Edward’s own journey of self-discovery.

Moreover, the costumes are a marvel to behold, capturing the eccentricity and whimsy of Burton’s original vision. From Edward’s iconic Scissorhands to the elaborate attire of the suburban residents, every detail is meticulously crafted to evoke the spirit of each individual character without the need for dialogue

The score, composed by Danny Elfman and adapted for the ballet, is another highlight of the performance. Its haunting melodies and atmospheric soundscapes perfectly complement the unfolding drama, adding depth and emotion to the storytelling.

But perhaps the most impressive aspect of Edward Scissorhands the ballet is its ability to transcend the limitations of its source material. While remaining faithful to Burton’s vision, it also offers new perspectives and insights into the characters and themes. Liam Mower’s immaculate performance is made even more impressive in spite of the physical limitations posed by his intricate costume.

The use of different dance styles explore themes of love, acceptance, and the human condition with a depth and nuance that is both captivating and thought-provoking. There were modern influences on the choreography throughout making it accessible to a wider audience that wouldn’t be typical ballet fans.

Edward Scissorhands at Birmingham Hippodrome is a triumph of artistry and storytelling. With its mesmerising choreography, stunning visuals, and powerful performances, it is a truly unforgettable theatrical experience. Whether you’re a fan of the original film or simply appreciate innovative and immersive storytelling, this production is not to be missed.

Edward Scissorhands runs at Birmingham Hippodrome until Saturday 10th February. For ticket information click here