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Following the success of last summer’s traffic-stopping window display in the Mailbox, Harvey Nichols has again partnered with Birmingham City University (BCU) to showcase the best of this year’s design graduates.

From L to R: Rachel Hunt-Pearce, Charlotte Adams, Lauren Bolton, Niah Thomas & Safa Nasaar

Known for its luxury brands, Harvey Nichols has given selected BCU School of Fashion & Textile graduates the opportunity to display their work alongside some of the biggest names in fashion.

This year’s striking new window displays the work of five BA Fashion Design graduates Rachel Hunt-Pearce, Charlotte Adams, Lauren Bolton, Niah Thomas and Safa Nasaar

Augusta Lazenby, studying BA Design for Industry, Xiao Hang and Ayshin Jalilzadeh, studying BA Jewellery & Object, at the renowned BCU School of Jewellery, also have their work featured as part of the partnership with Harvey Nichols.

Jewellery design students Ayshin Jalilzadeh & Augusta Lazenby

Claire Hewitt, General Manager at Harvey Nichols Birmingham said,

“It’s our pleasure to build a window display using the work of BCU graduates. We have been so impressed by the skill demonstrated and the hours of work they have put into their detailed designs.

“We understand that breaking into the fashion industry is extremely daunting and it’s our pleasure to provide them with a platform to showcase their creations.

“We hope all of our customers, colleagues and neighbours at the Mailbox will enjoy what we have curated.”

From The Fashion Designers

Rachel Hunt-Pearce

“The collection was inspired by the devastating effects global warming is having on coral reefs around the world. By looking at images of coral under a microscope I was able to find angular shapes that became a main feature across the collection. Additionally, coral was reflected in my work by using preloved denim in different shades of blue to represent how coral becomes bleached due to rising seawater temperatures and pollution.”

Niah Thomas

“My collection ‘Lost in the Music’ is inspired by a favourite DJ of mine called Louis Kevin Celestin, professionally known as Kaytranda who creates house and RnB remixes. The combination of his DJ sets, concerts and festivals inspired me as I love the lights, imagery, and his overall stage presence. I have also grown up with listening to RnB and house music so creating this collection was close to home. Kaytranda has a Haitian and Canadian heritage, and I was particularly inspired by the textures and patterns involved within traditional Haitian artwork, this led to the creative macrame detailing within my work.”


Charlotte Adams

“Exalted Abstraction is a collection focused on the artist Frank Stella, an American painter, sculptor, and printmaker. Pulling together both the unique shapes he uses and the vibrant colours. Pairing the playful colours and shapes, with white space and black accents, allowed a significant highlight of these aspects, which are key elements of Frank Stella’s art. A quote by Frank Stella: “what you see is what you see”, reflects the chosen target audience for this collection, as it is for those who want their clothes to embrace their true selves and reflect their vibe through the clothes they wear.”

Lee Lapthorne, Head of the Institute of Jewellery, Fashion and Textiles at BCU said,

“I am delighted that we are continuing our BCU collaboration locally with Harvey Nichols Birmingham for the second year. I am even more pleased that we are adding some stunning work from our talented Jewellery graduates to this initiative.

“Our priority is to support our student’s progression not only whilst they are with us, but throughout their futures and this partnership with Harvey Nichols offers us an amazing opportunity to help kickstart careers.”

You can see the latest window display in the Mailbox throughout August. For store information click here