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Following the worldwide success of Heaven Skincare’s vegan NETTATOXIN® range, Founder Deborah Mitchell has unveiled her latest plant-based must-have – Nettle Venom Polish.

This potent anti-ageing exfoliator has been created by Deborah to rival her best-selling Bee Polish but using only ingredients gifted by nature. Designed to scuff away dead cells and clear pores, it works effectively on the upper layer of your skin to improve texture and leave skin looking more radiant and feeling healthier.

Deborah explains: “At this time of year especially, we may find that we’ve lost our natural glow and are showing the effects of sun damage, and this leaves our skin looking dull. By exfoliating regularly, you speed up the natural healing process; skip this vital step and you risk breakouts, blackheads and dryness.

“In fact, I had a lovely young client come in to see me recently and I couldn’t help comment on the fact that her face looked grey. It was almost like scales had formed from spending a lot of time in the sunshine and then not properly cleansing her skin each day. My Nettle Venom Polish is designed to ‘unglue’ those scales – and after one treatment her complexion looked lustrous.”

With its clever blend of phytotherapy ingredients – including nettle leaves, echinacea and maple sap – Nettle Venom Polish helps to alleviate fine lines, lighten pigmentation and extract toxins without harming the outer layer of the skin. It can be used in tandem with Heaven’s innovative Nettle Cream or Dock Cream, marking a new era in highly effective vegan skincare.

“Everyone who has tried my new Nettle Venom Polish so far has absolutely loved it,” adds Deborah. “It gives amazing results and with frequent use the skin just gets better and better; added to that it easily fits in with your daily routine, no matter how busy you are, because it is very fast-acting. In fact, you only leave it on for a matter of seconds when you first start, you’ll feel it tingle and then you rinse it off thoroughly, making sure to thoroughly cleanse any creases. As your skin gets more used to it over time you can then leave it on longer.”

Heaven Skincare’s exclusive Nettle Venom Polish is priced at £37 and is available online now at Nettle Venom Polish (heavenskincare.com) and at Harvey Nichols Birmingham.