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Halloween’s just around the corner, so now it’s time to piece together that all-important outfit that will send shivers down spines wherever you walk.


And if you’re yet to find anything to help you channel your inner Stranger Things faves, or looking to bring out your true Scary Spice, H&M has you covered.



The high street store has launched a new super spooky collection of outlandish looks that blend Halloween with super-cool style. Now available in the Birmingham store and online, the Halloween Party Edition features a range of key pieces from capes to prints and horror-themed T’s.



Struggling for inspiration? Take a look at the campaign images that will help you create the ultimate Halloween look which is sure to get heads turning for all the right reasons. Teamed with show-stopping makeup, you’ll be bringing a brand new sense of style to Halloween.



Aiming for a more casual look that will take from Nightmare on Elm Street to Starcourt Mall? The collection is filled with ready-to-wear party pieces, with prices starting at £6.99.



It also features a killer range of shoes and coats that you can carry through into the winter months, so they’re more than just single-use pieces.



The Halloween Party Edition by H&M is available in store here.