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Peter Kay’s performance at the Utilita Arena Birmingham was nothing short of spectacular, and our evening was elevated to new heights thanks to Amplify Hospitality. From start to finish, we were treated to an unrivalled level of service and hospitality.

Dine pre-show and enjoy panoramic canal-side views at Utilita Arena Birmingham

The evening began with a leisurely 5pm arrival, where we were greeted with a welcome glass of fizz and the opportunity to indulge in unlimited drinks (including a selection of wine, beer and soft drinks) for the next three hours. This generous offering set the tone for the evening, allowing us to relax and enjoy the anticipation of the upcoming show.

Upon arrival, we were welcomed with a refreshing glass of bubbly

Opting for the Amplify Club Hospitality experience, we were treated to a sumptuous four-course dining experience that surpassed all expectations. Despite the bustling atmosphere of the restaurant, the speed and quality of service were remarkable, with each dish presented immaculately. The modern decor and panoramic canal-side views provided a picturesque backdrop for our meal, creating a truly memorable dining experience.

The service throughout the evening was exemplary, with staff displaying genuine warmth and attentiveness. We started on pressed ham hock and pickled carrot terrine, with Beef medallion, mini steak pie, dauphinoise potatoes, celeriac puree and thyme jus as our main before finishing with a naughty but very nice chocolate orange brownie, blood orange gel and amaretti crumb. From the private entrance to the interval cheese share selection, every detail was meticulously executed, ensuring our comfort and enjoyment at every turn.

Left: Pressed ham hock and pickled carrot terrine. Right: Beef medallion, mini steak pie, dauphinoise potatoes, celeriac puree and thyme

Of course, the highlight of the evening was Peter Kay’s performance, which had us in stitches from start to finish. His comedic talent remained as sharp as ever, delivering an unforgettable night of laughter and entertainment. His captivating blend of everyday observations and sharp wit certainly resonated, and with an uncanny ability to find hilarity in the mundane, Kay effortlessly transformed the ordinary into the extraordinary, drawing laughter from the most unexpected moments.

His relatable anecdotes and keen observations on topics ranging from family dynamics to social quirks created a shared experience with the audience; his masterful delivery and timing ensured every punchline landed with maximum impact.

Peter Kay returns to Utilita Arena Birmingham on 9 August, 7 October, 15 November, 6 December 2024 and 24 January 2025

Our Premium seats afforded us uninterrupted views of the stage, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the show. With the convenience of taking our drinks to our seats, we were able to enjoy every moment without interruption. Another standout feature of the Amplify experience was the availability of private bathrooms, a luxury that is particularly appreciated at a busy event like this. The absence of queues added to the overall sense of exclusivity and comfort.

There’s no doubt the Amplify Premium Package truly amplified our night out, providing us with a luxurious and unforgettable experience. With premium category tickets, award-winning dining and unparalleled hospitality, it exceeded our every expectation and then some, ensuring that Peter Kay’s performance was definitely an evening to remember.

Peter Kay returns to Utilita Arena Birmingham on 9 August, 7 October, 15 November, 6 December and 24 January 2025. For exclusive hospitality experiences click here