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The Way Old Friends Do is a hearty tale that showcases the endless boundaries of friendship, wrapped up in a chocolate box of  ABBA lyrics, in this hilarious ‘Will and Grace Meets Mamma Mia’ production.

Ian Hallard as Peter

A tawdry Grindr hook-up brings together old-school friends, Peter and Edward, after nearly 30 years apart. Reminiscing over old memories and a shared love of pop sensation, ABBA, the duo snowball onto the idea of becoming the first-ever ABBA drag tribute.

The story develops through the trials and tribulations of piecing together the group and has the audience in hysterics throughout, will they stand the test of time? Tariye Peterside, who plays Mrs Campbell, is a hilarious addition to the show. The oblivious Mrs Campbelll accompanies the band and has absolutely no idea what she’s signing up for. A Super Trouper performance!

James Bradshaw as Edward and Andrew Horton as Christian. All images Darren Bell.

Written by and starring Ian Hallard (The Boys In The Band) and directed by Mark Gatiss (The League of Gentlemen). There’s a particular moment in the play between the nan, voiced by the legend, Miriam Margoles, and Ian’s character, that’s totally stunning and had the audience in tears.

The Way Old Friends Do is a fantastic tale of friendship woven through the golden thread of Abba lyrics. I sincerely hope its Brummie charm translates in other cities and pleases Angel Eyes up and down the country.

The Way Old Friends Do is at The Birmingham Rep until Saturday 4th March. For ticket information click HERE