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An open air fashion show orchestrated by students from Birmingham City University transformed Oozells Square in Brindleyplace into a vibrant showcase of innovation. BCU Presents: 1000 Threads celebrated Birmingham’s flourishing creative industries and formed the centrepiece of its annual Inspired Festival.

The event featured 36 meticulously curated outfits from a diverse array of BCU graduate fashion students. Each piece was a testament to their talent and ingenuity, and were paired with intricate works from BCU’s prestigious School of Jewellery. The models hair and makeup for the evening was created by the team from L’Oreal.

Lee Lapthorne, Head of Jewellery, Fashion, and Textiles at BCU, praised the event. “We saw the vibrancy and ingenuity of our students on full display. Designers representing multiple industries successfully came together to deliver a truly unique experience for guests and members of the public. At BCU, we encourage our graduates to be ambitious and offer them opportunities to show their work in the best light. The designs we saw on the catwalk clearly show that Birmingham’s creative spark is still very much alive and kicking.”

Andrew Riley, founder and editor of STYLE Birmingham, which helped organise the evening, added: “It was amazing to see so many students, families, BCU staff and local businesses offering their support. Community inclusion remains vital to the success of events like these. It was a truly inspirational evening that confirms the future of Birmingham’s fashion industry is safe in the hands of the next generation of designers.”

The evening was hosted by presenter and podcaster Natalie Graham, with The Bond Street Singers, a collaboration between Jim ‘Shaft’ Ryan, Miss Moneypenny’s founding DJ, and Shereece Storrod, artistic director of Black Voices, opening the show before the models showcased the designs in Oozells Square. Following the catwalk, students from Elmhurst Ballet School performed in costumes designed by BCU students.

Supporting the event, Brindleyplace and CBRE are hosting an exhibition of works in the X building, featuring installations by BCU students. Open to the public for viewing between 2-3pm until Friday, allows an opportunity to take a deeper dive into the creative minds behind the showcased designs and jewellery, and underscores the university’s commitment to fostering innovation.