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Grab your friends and family and get ready to put your knowledge to the test. Here are the best pub quizzes that’ll win you some great prizes in the city!

Actress & Bishop | Ludgate Hill | Tuesdays

Win some fantastic prizes at The Actress & Bishop. Credit: Sal Maxuda

No-one’s really a huge fan of Mondays, but the Actress & Bishop tries to make them a little less blue with its weekly Big Quiz. Hosted by Jamie Cartwright, the quiz kicks off at 8.30pm and the winning team could get their hands on a cash prize. Entry costs £2 per person, so make sure you book your team in to get a table, as this quiz night is quite popular. Click here to secure your spot and find out more.

Hare & Hounds | Kings Heath | Wednesdays

As well as being one of the city’s most treasured independent music venues, the Hare & Hounds also hosts some pretty epic quiz nights. Taking place every Wednesday, you can expect some classic general knowledge questions fired your way alongside some pretty unusual ones such as: What is the only London Underground station with a single syllable? If you’re up for it, tickets cost £2 per person with maximum teams of six.

So gather your pals, grab a pint and get ready to battle it out for prizes including £75 for first place, a £20 bar tab or tickets to a Hare & Hounds gig. Check out upcoming quizzes at the Hare & Hounds and book tickets here.

The Wolf | Constitution Hill | Every month

Credit: The Wolf / Facebook

Not only does this place serve one heck of a cheeseboard and a great selection of craft beers, ales and ciders, every second Wednesday of the month The Wolf holds a pub quiz with questions designed to get those cogs turning. From general knowledge to a couple of extra tricky questions, for just £1 per person, you and your team – maximum of six – could win prizes including a £30 bar tab and some great beer-related prizes.

Following the rules of a traditional pub quiz, no phones are allowed, so don’t try cheating! The quiz kicks off at 7.30pm on the dot. Click here to find out more.

BIG BANG Pub Quiz | One Trick Pony Club, Moseley | Wednesdays

A classic pub quiz with a hilarious twist. Credit: One Trick Pony Club / Facebook

It’s safe to say that we don’t know too much about the BIG BANG Pub Quiz, but what we do know sounds pretty intriguing… and hilarious.

Held at Moseley’s One Trick Pony Club, this twist on a traditional pub quiz involves balloons, cash prizes and a dash of forced fun for good measure. It’s held every Wednesday, which is great news if you like chicken wings, as it goes hand-in-hand with One Trick’s 2-4-1 Wing Wednesday. Follow BIG BANG on Twitter for more info.

The Lord Clifden | Great Hampton Street | Thursdays

The Lord Clifden

Every Thursday night at The Lord Clifden is quiz night! The popular watering hole on Great Hampton Street hosts a 10-week Quiz League hosted by Stoo Pittway. Unlike The Wolf’s traditional rules, The Lord Clifton’s quiz night swaps out pen and paper. Teams are required to download the SpeedQuizzing app and answer all questions on their phone – this doesn’t mean you’re allowed to cheat though!

Starting at 8.30pm, you’ve got time to grab a bit to eat from The Lord Clifden’s delicious menu before taking part in the smartphone quiz. Entry costs £2 per person with cash prizes up for grabs. Find out more by clicking here.