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From sumptuous fabrics that whisper of forbidden ballroom encounters to ornate furnishings that echo the stately elegance of Bridgerton’s Grosvenor Square, it’s time to elevate your surroundings to a level of sophistication worthy of Queen Charlotte’s approval.

The wait is finally over! The much-anticipated Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2 drops on Netflix this week, ready to whisk us away into the world of romance, intrigue and opulence. As we eagerly prepare for another dose of the tantalising drama, there’s a parallel trend sweeping through our homes. Regency Core is inspired by the elegant aesthetics of the era, with its refined taste, attention to detail and sophisticated charm. With the look dominating on TikTok and Instagram, here’s our guide to infusing your space with this timeless style.

Elegant Furniture: Central to the Regency Core aesthetic is the furniture. Think graceful lines, ornate detailing and a sense of grandeur. Key pieces include chaise lounges, settees and statement beds in rich velvet or florals to add a regal touch. Pictured: The Settle Into Silence bed, from French Bedroom, is upholstered in a Sanderson linen fabric and piped in olive velvet.

Luxurious Fabrics: The Regency period was all about sumptuous materials, so focus on silks and velvets embroidered textiles with cushions, throws and curtains. You can also add a flourish with statement botanical wallpaper. Pictured, left: Driven by the Naunton Folly hand-painted design, this intricate patterned wallpaper is from Laura Ashley. Right, Deus ex Gardenia Resplendent Woods wallpaper in Forest

Refined Colour Palette: Choose a palette that oozes elegance, such as soft pastels in pale pink, mint green, and powder blue. Add contrast with rich, deep tones – like burgundy, navy and emerald green – and metallic accents in gold and silver. Pictured: Vellore Collection cushion covers, from House Of Rituals, with fringed edges for a glamorous finish.

Ornate Lighting: Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood. For a grand look, opt for crystal chandelier; while candle sconces and decorative table lamps provide a romantic glow. Pictured, left: The Allegra Table Lamp, from Dunhelm, has a bronzed glass base and digitally printed floral shade. Right:  Cordelia chandelier by Rachel Ashwell, from Next, is enhanced with cascading multicoloured faceted droplets to ensure sparkle and shine.

Decorative Accessories: Attention to detail is key in Regency Core design. Consider adding large gilded mirrors, classical paintings and portraitures, and fine china and crystal. Pictured, left: Personalised napkins from Avalon Home to elevate your dining tablescapes. Right: From Primark’s Bridgerton collection, two-piece tea set featuring the series’ signature blue and white colour palette.

Indoor Plants And Florals: Early adopters of the biophilic trend, bringing nature indoors was a common practice during the Regency era. Opt for beautiful blooms in elaborate vases to complete your look. Pictured, assorted faux flowers and mini glass vases, from Gisela Graham London.