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As the city’s foremost tailors, Clements and Church has long been renowned for crafting the wardrobes of Birmingham’s most elegant men. Now the brand has launched a capsule collection for women, adding a contemporary twist to its time-honoured traditions.

Create iconic custom-made pieces

In the heart of Birmingham’s business district, Clements and Church is a place where elegance is not a fleeting fashion statement but a timeless tradition. Synonymous with the city’s most distinguished tailoring, it has catered to the discerning gent since it first opened its doors in Church Street in 2007.

Right from the start, this small boutique had grand ambitions – to redefine men’s tailoring and luxury brands, and it did so with aplomb. Over the following decade and a half, it embraced a more sustainable approach to retail, in response to shifting consumer values. Its made-to-order model was introduced, an innovative shift that set the stage for a new era in personalised style.

Choose from a vast array of colours and luxury fabrics

The game-changing Clements and Church Custom-Made concept introduced limited signature cloths, handpicked from the treasure troves of luxury mills. These carefully selected fabrics could be transformed into a range of bespoke tailoring, with timeless blazers, exquisite three-piece suits and overcoats echoing the style of its owner.

The brand’s evolution continued, pushing the boundaries of traditional tailoring with a comprehensive range of custom-made casuals. From jeans and chinos to knitwear and trainers, each piece meticulously designed to meet the unique preferences of its wearer.

Their unique bespoke suits feature beautiful details

Now, Clements and Church has introduced a new chapter to its story as it launches a capsule collection for women, drawing inspiration from the traditions of men’s tailoring but with a contemporary twist. The meticulously crafted suits, jackets, separates and accessories are all designed to be flattering, empowering and, above all, timeless – for women who appreciate the enduring value of style.

“Our clients are measured and fitted to ensure the pieces fit beautifully,” explains Anna Moore, Creative Director. “For women, this process is designed to create a form that gives the most flattering silhouette, enhancing the areas we want to and disguising the others.

Your tailor will take you through the process to create your unique look

“Luxury tailoring materials are selected from places like Biella in Italy – where the water is said to create the softest handle – and well-known mills such as Loro Piana and artisan family-run operation Ferla, which creates limited runs of couture cloths.

“Our collection of custom-made tailoring and modern luxury is made to last. We are proud to offer ‘slow luxury’ and our ethos is to create sustainable clothing with a timeless quality, and negligible waste is at the heart of everything we do.”

The beauty of custom-made very much lies in the detail. Fabrics, linings, buttons and even thread colours are selected according to the client’s specific brief. The sartorial nuances of hand-finished tailoring, such as working cuffs, side adjusters and extra-wide lapels, are all part of the package. Monograms elegantly embroidered on collars, cuffs and waistbands provide the finishing touches.

Crafted for formal evening dinner tuxedos to classic business wear

Choosing custom-made is about embracing quality, craftsmanship and the luxury of individuality. It’s about investing in pieces that reflect not just your style but also your environmental values. The meticulous process takes time, with items requiring six-eight weeks for completion, but for its customers it’s a journey worth savouring. It’s a form of ‘luxury, worth the wait’ built on a foundation of timeless quality with minimal waste, a testament to its environmentally conscious commitment and credentials.

At Clements and Church, fashion isn’t just about clothing; it’s where innovation and elegance merge, and every piece of clothing is an embodiment of that excellence.

To view the collection click here, and for inquiries visit this link.