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Inspired by the amazing variety of plants found in Soho Houses from across the globe, Soho Home and Leaf Envy have teamed up to offer a curated collection of houseplants and handcrafted ceramic pots.

The edit features six plants specifically selected to complement a range of interiors and boost wellbeing:

Monstera: This easy-going plant, also known as the Swiss Cheese plant, is recognised for its split leaves and air-purifying abilities. It comes in an antique rose terracotta pot, designed with a drainage hole and saucer to keep your Monstera Deliciosa happy and healthy.

Fiddle leaf fig: With its broad, dark green leaves, this thrives in ambient light and adds impact to any room. It is paired with a handcrafted fractured pot that looks great perched on a desk or side table.

Peace lily: Characterised by large green leaves and white flowers, the peace lily is happy in low light conditions and cleans the air from pollutants. Its calming qualities help relax the mind, aiding better sleep.

Kentia palm: Known for its arching leaves, the palm cleanses the air of carbon dioxide and nasty compounds that are emitted from materials and soft furnishings. It is paired with a glazed beige pot that looks great on shelves or table tops.

ZZ plant: Originating from Eastern Africa, it’s known for its thick, waxy green leaves and low maintenance. It can store water and nutrients for a long period of time.

Chinese money plant: Recognised for its thick, spoon-shaped leaves and ability to grow tall. It symbolises abundance and good fortune, and is also known as the ‘friendship plant’ as it grows many nodes that can be gifted to friends.

“Not only do houseplants improve our homes aesthetically by softening spaces and highlighting signature accents, but studies show they promote an array of emotional, physical and mental health benefits, from air purification to boosting productivity as well as creativity, and reducing stress” explains Beth Chapman, Founder of Leaf Envy. “Soho Home is a trailblazer in the interiors world and we are excited to partner with a design-led brand which shares our belief in the power of plants to improve people and places.”

With prices starting from £34, the collection features foliage suited to every room in the home and is available online at Soho Home x Leaf Envy – Soho Home.