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In the often confusing skincare industry, Dr Ana Mansouri’s ethos is to cut through the mystique and offer a bespoke service that’s backed by proven science and research. We caught up with her at her stunning new clinic in Edgbaston’s Medical Quarter.

Dr Ana Mansouri

As soon as you walk through the doors of Dr Ana The Skin Clinic you know it’s a very special place indeed. Reminiscent of a plush Hollywood salon, with wall to wall white marble, it’s filled with state-of-the-art skin devices alongside an endless menu of the very latest in anti-ageing techniques.

The concept itself has been brought over from America. As the first UK flagship clinic backed by US giant SkinCeuticals, the focus is very much on skin health as clients are taken on a “journey” to achieve their best complexion.

The stunning interiors at The Skin Clinic

“It’s not about the heavy use of fillers or doing unnecessary procedures,” explains multi-award winning Dr Ana. “It’s about looking after your skin first and foremost. There are so many treatments out there and so much you can do, and for many people it’s difficult to know what’s necessary. I’m not here to  recommend the most expensive procedures, I want to find what’s right for you.”

With a strong medical background, Dr Ana studied as GP and developed an interest in dermatology. She completed her postgraduate training with the Queen Mary University London and the world-famous Blizard Centre for Skin Research. However, it was her move into aesthetics that really allowed her expertise and knowledge to flourish.

“I was aways interested in the cosmetic industry and initially I wanted to be a plastic surgeon. I have a huge respect for anyone working in the NHS but they are often seeing people on the worst day of their lives and that can get your down as a practitioner. Aesthetics is a much more upbeat industry.

The deeply cleansing and exfoliating HydraFacial

“Because of my medical background I have an ethical responsibility to look after my clients rather than my own interests. We choose the safest products that work, that are evidence-based, and because SkinCeuticals is backed by years of research it’s the perfect fit. It’s not a marketing ploy, it’s medically sound.”

Dr Ana and her team of hand-picked industry experts offer an innovative integration of medical-grade skincare combined with the latest treatments. Clients start with an intensive skin analysis before a bespoke treatment plan is created, which includes specially selected products and procedures designed to work in synergy.

The extensive SkinCeuticals range available at The Skin Clinic

“Every person who has skin consultation is looked after from this first point of call, and our aim is always to make recommendations that suit their budgets. Because skin health is a lifetime journey, every few months they will have a complimentary skin review so we can assess whether to change their products or treatments, but only if and when needed, to ensure they are getting the most out of their skincare plan.”

“Essentially, we combine different treatments with SkinCeuticals’ products to improve downtime and support the healing process. We prepare the skin before a procedure, use SkinCeuticals during and immediately after, and our patients go home with products to use in the long-term. For example, many places offer HydraFacials, but here we integrate them with advanced SkinCeuticals protocols for better and longer-lasting results.”

Watch Dr Ana’s post-holiday skincare tips here:

We’ve teamed up with Dr Ana The Skin Clinic to offer the gift of great-looking skin! As the Midlands’ premier non-surgical cosmetic centre and the first UK flagship for SkinCeuticals, the focus is on advanced treatments combined with state-of-the-art protocols to boost results. To read all about the offer click HERE


Dr Ana The Skin Clinic is at 3 Calthorpe Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 1QP. For more details contact 0121 716 7150 or email info@DrAna.co.uk

For clinic information visit www.drana.co.uk