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With an expert line-up of leading health experts, more than 70 guests attended Wellbeing For Wise Women, organised and hosted by Dr Julia Sen. The event offered an enlightening journey into women’s health, with a special emphasis on menopause.

The panel of five speakers shared their insights and expertise during the evening at Grafton Manor, Bromsgrove. They addressed a host of issues and provided strategies to lead fulfilling and vibrant lives. Dr Sen, Director of the Dr Julia Sen Health & Wellness Clinic in Worcester, spearheaded a session called Keep On Movin’ … Exercise For Longevity & Good Health. She highlighted the importance of incorporating exercise into daily routines to enhance overall health and happiness.

Leila Holmes, musculoskeletal physiotherapist and Founder of Physioadvantage, delved into the crucial topic of neck care. She addressed common concerns, and focused on maintaining optimal neck health and mitigating discomfort.

The topic of sexual health during menopause was addressed by Dr Penny Goold, a Consultant Sexual Health Specialist. Her compassionate approach destigmatised conversations around intimacy, offering humour and guidance on nurturing sexual wellbeing.

Dr Sajjad Rajpar, Consultant Dermatologist from Midland Skin, shared his menopause hair tips. He provided insightful solutions to promote healthy hair during this transformative phase of life. The event concluded with Sara Jones, Founder of Zenergy Wellness in Bromsgrove. She discussed Unlocking Positivity: A Guide to Starting Your Day with ‘Me’ Time and emphasised the importance of self-care and mindfulness in cultivating a positive outlook.

Dr Sen explained how the event underlined the importance of open dialogue about women’s health issues, particularly menopause. “By openly discussing menopause and other women’s health concerns, we empower ourselves and each other to navigate these transitions with confidence. It’s crucial to approach these topics with open conversations, compassion and understanding.

“Wellbeing For Wise not only raised awareness of such important issues, but it equipped our guests to go home armed with practical knowledge, insights and strategies from our leading experts,” she added. “It was lovely to hear how many left feeling inspired, informed and empowered to prioritise their health and wellbeing, ready to embrace their best lives.”

Dr Julia Sen is a Consultant Ophthalmic Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon with a passion for women’s health issues. She has recently launched Ask Wise Women, an online forum to connect, empower and access reliable information and guidance.