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“Everybody’s Talking About Jamie” at Birmingham Hippodrome combines heart, humour, and a poignant message of acceptance. Set in Sheffield, this musical follows the journey of Jamie New, a spirited teenager who dreams of becoming a drag queen …

John Partridge as Hugo/Loco Chanelle

At the heart of the show is Jamie (played by Ivano Turco), a character who bursts onto the stage with an infectious energy and a dream as big as his heart. His journey of self-discovery and acceptance is portrayed with authenticity that resonates with the audience – we find ourselves not just witnessing Jamie’s story, but actively championing him every step of the way.

Jamie played by Ivano Turco

Jamie’s indomitable spirit is brought to life with flair, conveying both character and emotion. His relationships with the supporting characters, particularly with his mother Margaret, (played by Rebecca Mckinnis) is delivered with a touching sincerity that adds layers of depth to the production – her solo, “He’s My Boy,” is a showstopper that had everyone captivated.

Jamie (Ivano Turco) & mum Margaret (Rebecca McKinnis)

Adding a dynamic layer to the narrative are the drag acts that Jamie encounters on his journey, with each character bringing their own unique and outrageous style to the show. From the seasoned mentor, Hugo (played by John Partridge), to the vivacious trio of drag queens who grace the stage; these individuals create some of the most memorable moments of the show.

The vivacious trio of drag queens

The score, written by Dan Gillespie Sells, is a masterful blend of catchy pop tunes and soul-stirring ballads; from the infectious beats of “And You Don’t Even Know It” to the heartfelt “He’s My Boy”, music that propels the story forward with heart and rhythm.

For a touring show the set design is a dynamic visual feast, with choreography and dance moves to suit, delivered with a whirlwind of precision and flair by the energetic young ensemble.

The talented young ensemble

“Everybody’s Talking About Jamie” at Birmingham Hippodrome is a triumph of storytelling, performance, and production. It’s a celebration of self-acceptance, love, and the power of dreaming big. This is a show that will leave you uplifted, inspired, and with a heart full of joy. Don’t miss the chance to experience this glittering gem of a musical!

“Everybody’s Talking About Jamie” is showing at Birmingham Hippodrome until Saturday 14th October. For ticket information click here