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Do you open up your wardrobe and can’t see the shirts for the sheer amount of clutter?

Find new ways to wear your clothes – Cornflower blue cotton jacket dressed down with white chinos and a t-shirt

It may seem like an enormous task, but if you approach it in positive way, weeding your wardrobe is manageable, satisfying and the results can be very rewarding. To help, during lockdown the team at Clements and Church are providing a free styling advice service to help you declutter, match items and identify any gaps to give you a much more versatile wardrobe.

During the 30 minute video call one of their trained tailors will guide you to:

Be ruthless

Time to say goodbye if…

An item is significantly too small

It doesn’t suit you, or is the wrong colour or shape

You’re holding onto something for sentimental reasons

If a garment is simply worn out, has been too loved, is stained and irreparable – it is time to get rid!

If an item is too large for you but you love it, this may be corrected – speak to your tailor about alterations that can be achieved

Find new ways to wear your clothes – RAF blue suit jacket restyled with jeans and a polo shirt

There is treasure to be found

When you take the time there are often much loved but forgotten items in your wardrobe; you may have bought a suit for a specific occasion and never thought to wear it in any other way: re-styling and repurposing clothes is a way of finding new life in old garments.

The team at Clement’s and Church will help you collate a list of items that are missing or need replacing in your wardrobe, it may be that you could make a look work if you had a new item to wear with it…


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