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Whether it’s the dark, damp winter nights or the hectic run up to Christmas, we all need a little luxury in our lives at this time of the year. For me, coming home from a busy day there is nothing more relaxing than lighting a few of my favourite candles, enjoying the aroma and feeling the stresses wash away.

Winter Spice Candle, £37 – Emma Alington

Scented candles and aromatherapy oils were once the preserve of the wealthy – a real indulgence that many thought was literally a case of setting fire to hard-earned cash. These days our private spaces have become ever more important – an escape from the rigours of daily life – and candles are now seen as one of those treats we can all enjoy.

Often described as the “forgotten sense”, smell is our brains way of gathering information about our environment, and according to research we can detect somewhere between 4,000 and 10,000 different odours. Our favourite scents can instantly create the perfect ambience: for example, grapefruit can help boost self-esteem and energy levels, while vanilla is ideal to promote relaxation.

At this time of the year, create the cosiest winter atmosphere with spiced gingerbread, mulled wine, orange and cinnamon, while dark florals – like the Tuberose collection from Primark – will fill your rooms with a chic scent.

Navy Dark Tuberose scented bell jar candle £4 –Primark.

Noel star rotary candle Spinner Collection, £10-£12.50, Morris glass bottle matches £14.50 – both Oliver Bonas.

Limited Edition Joyful spiced orange & cinnamon eco luxury candle, £78 – Amaura London.

Juniper Woods diffuser, £4 – B&M Home.

Set of two Gingerbread LED candles, £10, Winter Solstice dinner candle bundle £4 – both Dunhelm.