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As we wrap up in warm, snug layers, it’s time to adjust our skincare routine for the winter season. While we may consider serums as an optional addition, your skin will appreciate the benefits of integrating one into your updated cold-weather regimen..

Protect Against Environmental Stressors: With falling temperatures and decreased humidity, your skin may become more susceptible to damage from harsh winds and pollutants. A skin serum often contains antioxidants which help shield from these environmental aggressors. These combat free radicals, which can cause premature ageing and damage.

We love: Scientia Beauty Green Supreme CBD Vegi-Tox™ smoothie serum, from Selfridges, delivers all that morning smoothie goodness straight to your skin. It’s supercharged with avocado, kiwi, pistachio, broccoli, aloe and kale.

Hydration Is Key: Winter’s brisk winds and indoor heating can sap the moisture from your skin, leaving it feeling dry and parched. This is where a quality serum comes to the rescue. They are typically packed with potent hydrating ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, glycerine and ceramides, which replenish and lock in moisture, preventing your complexions from becoming dehydrated and flaky.

We love: MZ Skin’s lightweight Hyaluronic Acid Serum, from Harvey Nichols, delivers long-lasting hydration. Five powerhouse actives increase moisture as it soothes and softens.

Target Specific Concerns: The new season is the perfect time to address any specific skincare concerns you may have. Whether it’s hyperpigmentation from summer sun exposure or fine lines and wrinkles that have started to appear, there’s likely a skin serum formulated to target your particular needs.

We love: SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic Antioxidant Vitamin C Serum, from Dr Ana The Skin Clinic, Edgbaston. With advanced protection against environmental aggressors, it combines a trio of hero ingredients for a radiant complexion, while helping soften the appearance of fine lines.

Boost Collagen Production: As we age, collagen production naturally declines, leading to sagging and wrinkles. A serum formulated with collagen helps maintain elasticity and firmness, helping repair any sun-induced damage from the summer months.

We love: Perfect for tackling fine lines and dehydration, Heaven Skincare’s Collagen Serum Oil delivers a potent shot of complexion-boosting ingredients directly into your skin.

Achieve a Healthy Glow: You don’t have to say goodbye to your glow just yet. In fact, with the right skincare products, you can maintain that healthy radiance throughout winter. Many serums contain ingredients like niacinamide, which can help brighten the complexion and even out skin tone. By using a serum with these properties, you can ensure your skin continues to look luminous and refreshed, even as the days grow shorter.

We love: Revolution’s Skincare Blemish and Pore Refining Serum, from Superdrug. With niacinamide and zinc, it tackles blemishes and minimise the appearance of large pores. And it’s great value too!

Absorption of Other Products: Serums are designed to be lightweight and easily absorbed, so applying a few drops before your moisturiser can actually enhance the penetration and effectiveness of other products. This means you can embrace the beauty of winter while ensuring your skin looks and feels all season long.

We love: Ready, set, glow with Primark’s PS… Future’s Bright Facial Serum! It contains hyaluronic acid, watermelon and pineapple extracts for glowing, moisturised skin.