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Nancy Mae, Creative Director at Benjamin Ryan Hair shares her top tips for loving your locks in lockdown

During my time in lockdown, I’ve had various questions via Instagram (@nancymae_) about how to nourish your hair, DIY colour and advice on home tutorials on how-to cut your partners hair (sometimes when it’s already too late!). Plus questions on products I would recommend and how to recreate that ‘salon fresh’ feeling at home, so here’s my top tips…

– 1 –


Let’s start with the one that’s really driving you mad, your colour. If you usually colour your hair at home and have great results (lockdown or not) then you do you – live your life! However, if you do visit the salon regularly for colour and intend to go as soon as they reopen, I urge you to resist that box dye. Please. It’s chemicals, it may go wrong and cost more to fix. In the meantime camouflage those roots with my favourite touch up spray:

Try Magic Retouch Spray or if you are a blonde COLOR WOW Root Cover Up – use the applicator to mimic your dreamy baby-lights until you get to see your favourite Colour Technician again (I’m sure they will be very happy to see you).

– 2 –


This is a great time to get your hair super healthy. If you’re at home, invest in a deep penetrative mask. If you have curly, or tight textured afro hair, local brand Jim & Henry’s deep conditioner TEN will be your new best friend. Thick and full of nourishing organic oils, your hair will thank you. For fine to medium textured thirsty stands try Kerastase Nutritive Masqueintense for Fine Hair: its lightweight but powerful and smells luxurious! For maximum results apply, clip your hair up and enjoy a steamy bath or shower before rinsing. 

– 3 –


It’s the secret to Pharrell Williams’ inability to age past 25 (He is 47). So don’t forget your scalp: healthy scalp, healthy hair. The OUAI Scalp & Body Scrub uses sugar crystals to buff away impurities leaving you with a refreshed scalp and that just stepped out of the salon feeling.

– 4 –

Protective styling

Favourite of celebrities including Katy Perry and Cindy Crawford try sleeping on a silk pillowcase, they’re also great at reducing sleep wrinkles. Plus their range of hair friendly accessories are proven to reduce friction (which leads to breakage) by 47%. To add volume try braiding instead of using heat to create waves.

– 5 –

Buzz cuts

Guys, if you’ve opted to take the clippers to your own hair I’ve seen you and to be honest, you look great. It’s certainly way less stressful than asking your partner to cut it into your usual style with a pair of kitchen scissors and a paddle brush. If you’ve taken the time to embrace the length and wait for your barber/hairstylist, then you can take some inspiration from these guys.

– 6 –

Benjamin Ryan Hair #treatournhs

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