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Phil Innes, wine expert extraordinaire from the city’s leading wine emporium, Loki Wine, shares his top 3 wine pairing recommendations for the barbecue.

Phil Innes, Loki Wine

As the weather starts to heat up and the lockdown looks set to continue in some form or another for the foreseeable future, a number of your barbecue’s will be working in overdrive. However, whilst what to cook on a barbecue is a no brainer, the wine to go with it is always an issue for me. Usually I want to have a full-bodied red wine, but in the heat, this is a no-no, so here are a few top tips to have with your barbecue.

Phil’s top 3 wine pairing idea’s for the barbecue…


1. Librandi Ciro Rosso · 2. Donnafugata ‘SurSur’ Grillo · 3. Château de l’Aumérade Cru Classé rosé

1. Go for lighter style reds

Librandi Ciro Rosso – you can serve slightly chilled if super sunny: This is delicious light & fresh from Calabria in Italy, but still has the lovely rustic smoky Italian note that will go perfectly with your barbecued meat. £12.99

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2. Go for mineral whites

Donnafugata ‘SurSur’ Grillo: If anyone knows what to drink in the summer heat it is the Sicilians, this is fresh, and crisp, and will make you just want to have another glass. £16.99

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3. Or just go rosé

Château de l’Aumérade Cru Classé rosé: This is just summer to me, light fresh and delicate, works brilliantly with grilled seafood, and salads, but also superb for quaffing on its own. £14.99

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About Loki Wine

Loki Wine, Edgbaston. Credit: Calthorpe Estate photography

We believe Loki Wine is the ultimate drinking destination in our city, not only for wine, but now for spirits too. Their Great Western Arcade tasting house in central Birmingham has over 40 different types of gin, and a growing selection of craft beers. Whilst at their swish bar in Edgbaston you can enjoy more of the same with an added deli. Once things have retuned to relative normality we can wholly recommend a visit.