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Warming neutral hues have long played a starring role in the world of interior design thanks to their ability to create a tranquil ambience. Add to that fact they compliment virtually every colour combination, it’s easy to see why it’s a look that never goes out of fashion.

New for AW23, B&M Core Culture collection.

A Blank Canvas for Creativity: Thanks to its timeless charm and versatility, using a neutral colour scheme in your home creates a serene feel that transcends passing trends. Off-white, greys, beiges and taupe act as a blank canvas to build your desired aesthetic. Whether you’re a minimalist, love a bit of Scandi or lean towards an eclectic look, they’re the perfect foundation to bring your design vision to life.

Sourdough velvet quilted bedspread, from French Bedroom Company.

Enduring Elegance: One of the greatest advantages of a calm palette is its inherent timelessness. While bold colours may come and go with fleeting trends, neutrals remain elegant through the years. This enduring quality makes them ideal for those who want longevity and sense of refined sophistication.

Torres Global washable rug, from Dunhelm.

Serenity and Calm: In our fast-paced lives, creating a peaceful sanctuary within our homes is essential. Pale colours have the ability to induce a sense of tranquillity. Soft whites and greys promote relaxation; while warmer beiges and earthy tones provide a comforting and grounding effect.

Oliver Bonas Payen velvet chair.

Versatility and Flexibility: Neutrals effortlessly complement any style or theme, allowing you to seamlessly transition between different schemes without the need for a complete overhaul. You can easily introduce pops of bolder colour or experiment with different textures. This ensures that your space remains relevant and adaptable as your tastes and preferences evolve over time.

Marrakech Collection Sofia Cushion, M&S X Fired Earth.

Light and Space: Paler hues reflect natural and artificial light, making a space feel brighter and more expansive. On the other hand, darker hues, like charcoal, olive or rich taupe, create an intimate and cosy atmosphere, particularly in larger rooms. By strategically utilising the interplay of light and neutrals, you enhance the perception of space.