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COVID-19 has allowed us plenty of time to reflect on ourselves as people, but if you want something to truly make you question society’s identity then the impeccably executed ‘Rooms’ contemporary dance production is the ideal evening escape.

It is an art-piece of humanity that exposes the alienation of modern society; from start to finish I was in awe of the sensuality of the performance and engulfed by the palette of language created by director, choreographer and set designer Jo Strømgren.

 Birmingham Hippodrome, in partnership with Rambert, candidly creates a mantra of multiculturalism that is both abstract and impressive. I found myself forced into relating in ways I didn’t think possible while being utterly encapsulated by the intimacy created by each individual dancer/actor.

‘Rooms’ is a fiercely brave exploration of sexuality

From moments where sound and colour were absent to the array of musical eras, ‘Rooms’ is a fiercely brave exploration of sexuality, that is both creatively and visually powerful – thanks to Cinematographer Emma Dalesman. Angry and raw, inspirational and grotesque, at times the striking costumes (brought to life by Costume Designer Richard Gellar) and bold musical score left me speechless.

Despite being shown on my laptop screen, the production team has designed ‘Rooms’ with the intention of always getting the best angle. This makes it perfect for viewers watching from the comfort of their own home and gives each dancer the appreciation and attention they deserve. In addition, the lighting is captured impeccably over the small screen, casting colour in a poignant way that stirred emotions within me that many productions do not.

Behind the scenes dress rehearsal at Rambert Home Studio. Photo: Foteini Christofilopoulou.

Throughout, the storyline is left to the interpretation of its audience; you are only provided with snippets of people’s lives and this adds to its overarching sense of disorientation. It explores how humans are all tied together and doesn’t shy away from reality; every single dance sequence was executed flawlessly. Within minutes, I forgot I was watching on my laptop and was quickly immersed by the bold eloquence.

Whether you’re craving that theatre experience or in need of a performance that will make you re-evaluate how you view society, this incredible collaboration between the Birmingham Hippodrome and Rambert will allow you to be enriched with the art of dance safely inside your own home. To me, I cannot imagine a more perfect evening.