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Death Becomes She/Her/Them?!? We review Death Drop – Back In The Habit.

Rupaul’s Drag Race stars assemble in this camp, horror-parody, dramarama!

Back In The Habit is showing at The Alexandra until Saturday 18 March.

There have been unexplained occurrences reported at St. Babs, things are going bump in the night and something ungodly has been spotted lurking around Victoria Scone’s Sister Mary’s (stop it).

Back in the Habit is the second padding to the Deathdrop series brought to you by Tuckshop Productions. Everyone loves a good drag show, although having not seen the previous show, and not being an avid Dragrace viewer, I was unsure of what to expect.

I couldn’t help but look at this obtusely as it’s such a poignant time for the LGBTQIA+ community, what with the resurgence of hate rhetoric flooding the media and drag bans sweeping through the U.S., this new inception of theatre must be celebrated. Banning artistry and infringing entertainment all in the name of ‘protecting children from obscenity’ – kindly sashay away.

Cheryl Hole, Victoria Scone and Kitty Scott-Claus

The plot sees LoUis CYfer’s homophobic Father Alfie Romeo head to St Babs’ convent in search of a missing man of the cloth. Throwing the inhabitants into despair, Matriarch of the covent, Victoria Scone, collects her fellow nuns to decipher an appropriate plan of action.

Bringing in laughs for her slapstick performance as a vapid Sister Maria JulieAndrews, Jujubee brings a touch of nostalgia to the show.  Sister Mary Berry (Cheryl Hole) and Sister Mary ‘Sis Titis’ Titis (Kitty Scott-Claus) are great editions to the ungodly cohort.


As things take an unsuspected turn, the camp frolics descend into a queer marriage of whodunit and horror genres.

The basic set is fit for purpose and boasts stain glass windows, giving many entrance opportunities.

The storyline is two dimensional as one would expect, but encompasses all the fun, frolics and high offence, with C-bombs aplenty. I wouldn’t say I’m having nun of it, but you take the show for what it is and we had many laughs.

Death Drop – Back In The Habit is showing at The Alexandra, Birmingham, until Saturday 18 March. For tickets click HERE