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The Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre production of Jesus Christ Superstar at Birmingham Hippodrome, until Saturday April 27.

As ancient biblical tales intertwine with contemporary resonance, Jesus Christ Superstar has been masterfully reimagined in this production by The Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre. With its paired down industrial set, live rock musicians and street-dance style choreography, at times its claustrophobic, at others its frantic; but it was nothing short of captivating from the opening note to the final standing ovation.

Directed by Timothy Sheader, at its heart lies the brilliance of its cast, whose high-energy performances breathe life into iconic characters with real depth and authenticity. Hand-held and stand microphones become props, and along with dramatic lighting and smoke machines, much of it feels like you’re watching live concert rather than a classic musical.

Leading the charge is Ian McIntosh as Jesus, whose portrayal resonates with an enigmatic combination of vulnerability and strength. The role showcases his vocal prowess and his ability to convey the inner turmoil of his character with haunting intensity. Opposite him is Louise Francis as Mary Magdalene, infusing her portrayal with a soul-stirring honesty. Her rendition of the much-loved I Don’t Know How to Love Him is poignant as she captures the complexities of love, doubt and devotion.

Perhaps most magnetic is Shem Omari James as Judas Iscariot, who delivers an electrifying performance. From the haunting Heaven on Their Minds to the explosive Superstar, he embodies the complexities of this conflicted soul with riveting intensity. Timo Tatzber as Herod delivers the light relief with his brief but fabulously cabaret number King Herod’s Song, a favourite with the audience.

Of course, it’s not just the performances that dazzle; the songs themselves are a testament to the enduring talent of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. Classics like Everything’s Alright, Hosanna and Trial Before Pilate are delivered with precision and passion, given a fresh relevance with an all-singing, all-dancing chorus that didn’t put a foot wrong. While the original score certainly has a cheesy/70s feel to it, the seamless integration of modern elements brings musical storytelling bang up to date.

Jesus Christ Superstar runs at The Birmingham Hippodrome until Saturday April 27. For tickets and further information, click here.