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Motionhouse productions brings forth a spirited escapade that sets alight to the simple narrative of wanting to reach the moon. Starchitects at Birmingham Hippodrome is an imaginative and psychedelic modern-day Famous Five.

Prepare for blast off!

Starchitects is the story of five friends who dream of reaching the moon. With imagination proving to be the best method of transportation, the gang kickstart a plan of action, exploring shapes through cardboard boxes – total childhood nostalgia! A bird, a train and a boat soon evolve into a telescope, homing in on the galaxy and planting the seed of a lunar adventure.

Five friends who dream of reaching the moon

Determined to reach the moon, a rocket is meticulously constructed, and the friends prepare for blast off. Impressive digital backdrops and projections really bring the journey to life providing visual stimulus. The five besties continue to explore ferocious caves and climb through a series of ethereal habitats – this gave me a similar satisfaction to completing Heart of Darkness, the PS1, 90’s sensation. Disaster strikes when they encounter a ferocious, green, googley eyed monster and through effective teamwork, they manage an escape, showcased through high lifts and unrivalled gymnastics.

Impressive digital backdrops

The Motionhouse trademark atmospheric choreography and gravity defying feats were applauded throughout the show and kept the audience in awe. The show is 60 minutes in total which is a perfect for younger audiences. Starchitects is a glass cabinet into a child’s imagination and fun for all the family.

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