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As we embrace the evolving season, Tattu, the modern Chinese restaurant group, continues to celebrate Blossom Season with captivating floral installations, bespoke cocktails and a fresh spring/summer menu – New Season. New Menu. Perfect Bank Holiday vibes await at Tattu.

New Season. New Menu. Perfect Bank Holiday vibes await at Tattu

With each passing day, every Tattu restaurant comes alive, embracing the longer days and the vibrant seasonal changes, ensuring an unforgettable experience for every guest.

Tattu is delighted to unveil its latest culinary creations for spring and summer. This year’s menu is a vibrant exploration of tastes, textures, and aromas, meticulously crafted to offer guests an unparalleled modern Chinese dining experience. Each dish captures the essence of the season, blending fresh, vibrant ingredients with a contemporary twist.

Introducing Taste of Tattu: an enticing new daytime menu experience

Discover an array of elegant new dishes, including the Crispy Kataifi King Prawns served with mango & sweet chilli. Indulge in the Salt & Pepper Monkfish, a contemporary take on an Eastern classic, boasting delicate yet robust flavours.

Salt & Pepper Monkfish

For vegetarians, tantalising options abound, with dishes like the Kung Po Tofu and King Oyster Chinese Curry, offering a rich tapestry of tastes.

Tantalising vegetarian options include Kung Po Tofu

Meat enthusiasts can delight in the Char Siu Pork Two Ways with their signature sauce, served alongside nashi pear and crackling, or the reinvented Sticky Beef Short Rib, a Tattu favourite. The Black Pepper Beef Fillet promises a bold taste, complemented by wok-fired peppers and shallots.

To end on a sweet note, savour the iconic Cherry Blossom dessert, a playful homage to the surrounding blooms, featuring hints of cherry, chocolate, and candy floss.

View the à la carte menu here

Char Siu Pork Two Ways with signature sauce

In addition to the à la carte dishes, Tattu introduces a new daytime menu offering – Taste of Tattu. Available Monday to Friday, 12-6 PM, and Saturday 12-3 PM, choose two courses for £28.50 or three for £33.50, and enjoy complimentary Jasmine Steamed Rice for the table.

View the Taste of Tattu menu here

Experience a fusion of flavours with Tattu’s renowned Imperial Sunday Roast, an elevated Sunday dining experience that reimagines the traditional Sunday roast with a Tattu twist. Available from 12 PM to 6 PM.

View the Sunday Roast menu here

Enjoy a fusion of flavours with the Imperial Sunday Roast

This May brings two Bank Holidays, providing the ideal chance to savour Tattu from day to night. Explore their fresh lunchtime menu, ‘Taste of Tattu’, or indulge in the à la carte offerings as evening falls. For a memorable outing, rendezvous at Yang Bar and dive into Tattu’s iconic signature cocktails like Skull Candy, the theatrical Celestial Dragon, or the all-new Oolong Margarita.

From L to R: Skull Candy, Oolong Margarita, Celestial Dragon

For dining reservations throughout Blossom Season, visit Tattu’s website here