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The 7 Fingers from Quebec performed their incredible show ‘Passagers’ at the Hippodrome on Tuesday 21st September.

After months of empty theatres, the contemporary circus act gave a magical performance that centred on the beautiful symbology of trains, how they provide a small community of strangers that no matter the reason, all have one thing in common; they have somewhere to go.

It’s message was expressed powerfully through the mesmerising combination of dance, physical theatre, mutli-media, music and jaw dropping acrobatics. The performance allowed each of the 9 individuals to shine throughout the different scenes as they performed nail biting stunts from ridiculous heights, floating on silks, hoop tumbling and wire walking. They seamlessly transitioned through their storyline with powerful music, breathtaking projections and enchanting movement. Their scenes also included singing, poetry and pockets of comedy that had the crowd giggling before they were back to being stunned by the performers endless talents.

This thrilling production will have you hooked from start to finish and was a great way to bring the Hippodrome back to life. If you enjoy theatrics and are looking to watch one thing in theatre this year, make it The 7 Fingers. Moving through the country, the next showing of ‘Passagers’ will be throughout September and October in Milton Keynes, Hull, Brighton, Nottingham and Plymouth.

Passagers runs at Birmingham Hippodrome until 3rd October 2021. For more information click HERE