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A nationwide study of married couples in the UK has revealed where around the world we want to travel to for our next romantic holiday.

The research, commissioned by worldwide travel company Kuoni, uncovered the favourite holiday destinations of couples in Birmingham, and also took a look into the personality types of couples. The majority of Birmingham couples described themselves as more introverted and private, much more likely to be mellow and steady, with a tendency to always be busy and organised than spontaneous and laid-back.

The average happiness rating for married couples in Birmingham was 8.7, with 45% giving their marriage a top marks 10/10. The research showed that the majority of couples from Birmingham take just one holiday a year and that the most popular countries for couples to take a holiday together were; Spain, Greece, France, USA.

The most popular countries for couples from Birmingham to go on honeymoon came out as the USA, Greece and Cyprus.

When asked where they would most like to travel to next for a romantic escape, Birmingham couples said they would most like to visit USA, Australia or Canada.

Finding romantic holiday inspiration

For Birmingham couples planning a special holiday away together, whatever your couple personality type, we’ve shared some of the best gems from each of the favourite locations to give you some serious romantic wanderlust:

Greece – best for sociable and outgoing couples

In the recent study by Kuoni, of the couples who described themselves as more sociable and out-going, 44% of them picked out Greece as their top romantic destination. During the days, couples can get their thrills from adrenaline-packed beach water sports, or discover lost worlds whilst hiking and walking around ancient ruins. The welcoming hospitality of the Greek is famous around the world and long romantic nights can be spent nestled in busy tavernas, enjoying a stunning slow-cooked stifado or freshly caught grilled fish, meeting the locals and sampling the native ouzo and Muscat wine.

USA – best for passionate couples

A large slice of couples who described their relationship as being towards the passionate end of the scale, also put the USA as one of their favourite holiday locations – and you can see why, it’s big, it’s bold and it’s beautiful. There are so many diverse areas that it’s easy to forget they all belong to the same country. Experience a small snapshot of the diversity on offer with a trip of excess and indulgence in Las Vegas, before switching-up and taking in the wonder of the Grand Canyon, and then taking a different turn again with a trendy city break in San Francisco before changing tack again with an expedition to the awe-inspiring ancient Redwoods – and all within just two states!

Cyprus – best for impulsive, spontaneous couples

Another popular holiday destination for passionate couples came out as Cyprus. Known as Aphrodite’s Island, this Mediterranean gem is perfect for a short-haul holiday that offers as much excitement and passion as further flung lands. Some of the best wines are made in the Troodos Mountains, and the food truly stirs the soul with a gorgeous blend of Greek and Middle Eastern dishes. There is plenty of history to admire as well, with monasteries and ancient tombs to explore – and if you simply want to turn up the heat at the beach, head to Fig Tree Bay for miles of golden sands.

Italy – best for introverted couples

Italian cities like Rome and Venice are notorious for their hustle and bustle, however there are a number of regions in Italy which are particularly suited for couples looking for a more private and romantic escape.  The southern regions of Basilicata & Puglia offer stunning forests and mountains, dotted with tiny churches (including the cave churches near Matera) and traditional villages, as well as a sprawling coastline that’s home to stylish adult-only resorts. And for a city mini-moon without the stress of too many tourists, Milan offers wide open parks, peaceful churches and a gorgeous canal lined with the glittering lights of bars and restaurants – perfect for a low-key (and delicious) night out.

Canada – best for mellow and laidback couples

Chilled out couples with an affinity for the great outdoors will find all the natural bliss they desire with a romantic trip to Canada. From whale-dotted coastlines, to towering forests, the iconic Rocky Mountains and frozen lakes, you’re forever humbled by Mother Nature wherever you step in this country. The culturally diverse cities are a melting pot of societies and beliefs, and laidback couples can soak up all of the natural wonders and accepting atmospheres in one of the most welcoming countries in the world.